From March 2019-February 2020

I became a contract photographer in March of 2019, and have been with them ever since!


I was one of the creative directors for their February and March issues. 

My photo made the cover on the October 2019 issue.

It has been a joy working for them and it's given me a chance to broaden my photography skills into Event Photography as well as Real Estate. 

This magazine is built upon a fantastic team and can't wait to see what 2020 holds for us!

If you'd like to see what this magazine can do for you and your business, feel free to contact me and I can get you in touch with a sales representative for details!

In May 2019, I joined New Orleans City Business as a contract photographer. 

For the Women of the Year issue of 2019, I took the head shots of most of the women (except for those who chose to submit their own) and the cover photo along with the profile photos of the designated Woman of the Year, Ileana Suquet. 

It's been a wonderful experience working with City Business this year and I hope to see many more years as one of their trusted photographers. 

This magazine has introduced more business styled photography into my life and I thoroughly enjoy it! 

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Professional photographer of the Northshore and surrounding areas!

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